Digital Marketing Consultant, Reading

For 8 years I worked at in digital marketing, user experience and new customer acquisition. Now I use my passion, experience and expertise to grow online businesses, start-ups and charities in Reading and the Thames Valley.

I deliver project sprints designed to have the maximum impact in the shortest possible time. I specialise in making websites as effective as possible and fully optimised for search engines. I deliver digital marketing strategies tailored to the goals of your business. Every action I take is measurable and tied to driving growth for your business.

Help your website to rank higher in Google and other search engines

Promote your business across the Google Ads network and Social Media

Make your website work harder and smarter. Convert more visits into loyal customers.


“Richard is very results-focussed and we can highly recommend his services to any startup or SME”

- Maiko Schaffrath


“Richard makes the whole process simple and easy. Definitely a key person to have on your team.”

- Emilie West


“Richard provides great insight, coupled with a methodical, practical and commercial approach.”

- JP Dallmann


“Having Rich allows me to focus on the creative areas of the business that I really enjoy.”

- Anna Mabin

*Excerpts from Google reviews