Conversion Optimisation

I can improve website conversion rates for local businesses, turning more visitors into satisfied customers. I research customer behaviour and website analytics to make tactical and strategic recommendations for growth.

I use data to support every recommendation and every recommendation is measurable. I will only work where I can add value, you only pay if you are satisfied with the results.

What is Conversion Optimisation?

How conversion is defined will vary depending on the goals of each website. Many commercial websites will use the number of sales or leads generated. Other websites will define success with measures of customer engagement, retention or satisfaction. While the success metric is often different, the principle for improving that metric is always the same: To make it as easy as possible for customers to understand and engage with your business.

Customer or user experience should be the cornerstone of every website. Yet I often come across websites that overwhelm customers with unnecessary complexity, use a vocabulary or structure that only makes sense to the owners, or simply fail to clearly describe the services on offer.

A website conversion audit can be a powerful activity in its own right, but an efficient website is also essential for efficient digital marketing.

Improving Website Conversion

1: understand customers and competitors

I build a thorough understanding of your customers and the customer problem your business is solving. I research your competitors and what makes them successful. I build customer personas and map customer journeys through your website.


Together we will define success and hone in on the right metrics to measure progress. I will install and customise Google Analytics if needed.


I review the structure, content, user experience and technical performance of your website. I look for a clear description of the problem you are solving for your customers. I look for a content strategy that is tied to each customer consideration stage. I look for instances where the site may be increasing cognitive load for customers. I review conversion funnels and analyse the flow of customers through your website.


We will identify barriers to conversion and provide you with solutions to those problems. I highlight tactical and strategic opportunities to drive engagement and conversion. I deliver an itemised, prioritised list of inputs, the rational for those inputs and the metrics we will use to measure success. There is some cross over here with my SEO consultant service and we can expect search rankings to improve after the solutions are implemented.


I coach your team through the recommendations or work on these myself. We build in increments and experiment where there is ambiguity.


I build reporting to measure performance. We discuss the results together and refine the recommendations if we need to.


A typical conversion audit will cost between £300 - £1000 depending on the size and complexity of the website. You don’t need to pay anything if you are not satisfied with the results.

The process will take approximately 1 - 3 weeks. At the end of the project I will deliver a report with a prioritised list of tactical and strategic recommendations for growth, the reasons for those recommendations, and the methods we will use to measure success.

I coach your development team through the recommendations, or charge an hourly rate of £30 if you would like me to work on the changes myself. I work fast and smart and will always give you accurate estimations in advance. The final cost should never come as a surprise.

Richard’s services have helped us massively improve our website. Thanks to his full conversion strategy we were able to improve traffic and revenue on a weekly basis.
— Maiko Schaffrath - Co founder,