PPC Consultant | Google Ads & Social Media

I work with businesses to acquire customers at scale using Google Ads (Adwords) and social media advertising. Using compelling content funnels and precise targeting we are able to tap into new audiences and drive awareness and conversion.


Google Ads (Adwords)

Google Ads is a Pay Per Click (PPC) service, meaning there is no charge for your ads to be displayed. You only pay when a customer clicks your ad or calls your business. PPC advertising is the quickest way to get to the top of Google search results. Your business can target new customers in the right locations, as soon as they show an interest in your services or products online. Google Ads allows for very granular optimisation and fine tuning for maximum return on investment.

I will define a strategy based on your business goals, optimised for product sales or leads, profit or growth. The process generally includes:

  • Set up conversion tracking or link the campaigns with your Google Analytics account

  • Research the keywords and phrases searched by your customers and your competitors customers

  • Target ads to specific locations, demographics and devices

  • Retarget your website’s visitors with bespoke messaging

  • Write compelling ad copy and build landing pages that convert new visits into customers

  • Build and optimise bidding strategies to suit your budget

  • Refine and optimise campaigns for maximum return

Social media advertising

Social Media Marketing

I build and execute advertising strategies on social media sites including Facebook and Linked In to help businesses reach new audiences. I build conversion funnels to make sure we put the right content in front of the right customers based on their likelihood to purchase. Social Media advertising can help businesses achieve 3 broad objectives:

Increase brand awareness: I may recommend campaigns to build brand awareness if your business is new, or there is evidence of a large, untapped online audience. The aim of a brand awareness campaign is to introduce your brand to a new audience and drive initial engagement with new customers. We then retarget this ‘warm’ audience with advertising geared towards conversion. Typical success metrics for branding campaigns include ad clicks, website traffic or Likes, Shares and Comments.

Collect leads or subscribers: Here we are looking to drive a specific action from our targeted audience. We may be looking to collect leads, email addresses, or drive subscriptions or downloads. These campaigns are most successful when we target users who have already shown some intent. They may have visited your website, engaged with a social media ad or searched for similar products or services online.

Drive conversion: These campaigns are explicitly designed to sell products and services. We target customers displaying strong signals of intent to maximise return.

Not every stage is always necessary and I will adapt the strategy to suit your goals and budget. The process generally includes:

  • Set up conversion tracking or link the campaigns with your Google Analytics account

  • Target audiences by behaviour, location, demographic, interests and engagement with your competitors

  • Target B2B ads to specific companies, job titles or industries

  • Build a conversion funnel, guiding new customers from discovery through to conversion

  • Write compelling ad copy and build bespoke landing pages

  • Refine and optimise campaigns for maximum ROI


I charge a small set up fee and a monthly management fee. Prices vary with the size and complexity of the campaigns but charges are typically in the range of £100 - £700 per month. I work on a month by month basis with no retainers or contracts.