SEO Services

85% of people looking for a product or service start with a Google search. 87% of those people will only click within the first 5 results. Generally speaking, if you want to get noticed online you need a strategy to appear at the top of Google.

SEO is shrouded in apparent complexity and you could argue that the SEO industry would like to keep it that way. Some agencies tie customers into long contracts. I do not think this is necessary to deliver strong results for most small and medium sized businesses. I work to demystify SEO and deliver results quickly and without the need for expensive retainers.

My SEO Framework

1: Keyword Research

People enter words or phrases into Google when looking for products or services online. The purpose of keyword research is to hone in on the keywords that are most likely to lead to conversion. Success in SEO hinges on finding the right keywords and it is important to get this right. look for keywords that are popular but specific enough to drive conversion. I also look for those keywords your competitors may have missed.

2: Website Optimisation

The next step is to optimise your website for the selected keywords. I optimise the navigation, URL structure, page titles, headings and content. I label and tag images so that they can be understood by search engines. I may suggest or write new content to reflect the keyword research. For instance, if many potential customers are asking a question, why not create content to answer that question and start ranking for those keywords. Some content can be repurposed externally to improve SEO. For instance, videos can be optimised to rank in Youtube and Google for strategic keywords.

3: Conversion Optimisation

I use elements of my conversion optimisation framework to improve your website’s efficiency and drive the best results from new visits earned from SEO. I review website speed and improve loading times.

4: Local SEO

Outside of your website I will optimise your business for discovery in your catchment area. It is much easier, and more efficient, to rank in the specific locations targeted by your business. Local SEO includes creating and optimising a Google My Business account, adding citations in local and national directories, and creating content targeted to specific locations.

5: Build links to your website

To gauge a website’s online reputation, Google looks at which other websites link to it. A website receiving a lot of links from other high quality, relevant websites is considered more authoritative and prioritised in Google’s search algorithm. One of my jobs as an SEO consultant is to build relevant links to your website from other websites with a high authority. There are many ways to approach link building and I will tailor a strategy for your business model.

6: Reverse engineer the competition

I use tools that allow me to see precisely how your competitors are ranking in the first position in Google. I can show you the keywords they rank for and the phrases their customers are searching for. I can see who is linking to your competitors and uncover opportunities to build connections and links.

7: Google Analytics and Search Console

I will set up and customise Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools allow me to understand how customers are finding and using your website. We will use these tools to let Google know when we make certain changes to your website and to measure the effectiveness of the SEO.


SEO projects vary in time and complexity but a typical SEO audit and implementation will take 1 - 3 months and will cost between £500 - £1000. The final cost will never come as a surprise. I will always give an accurate quote upfront and will discuss any work in advance that may impact that quote.

Richard has transformed our visibility on Google, where we now rank on the first page for our most important keywords. This means that more people find our website and sign up to our services.
— Maiko Schaffrath - Co founder,
I know exactly where my business would be if I didn’t invest in Richard’s expertise. On page 16 of Google. But thanks to Richard, we now rank in the top 2 results for our most important national keywords and my leads have increased 4x.
— Anna Mabin - Personal Stylist