SEO Services in Reading

Generally speaking, if you want to get noticed online you need a strategy to appear at the top of Google. I offer a complete SEO service for businesses in Reading and Berkshire.

SEO is shrouded in apparent complexity and you could argue that some SEO agencies would like to keep it that way. Some agencies tie customers into long contracts or expensive retainers. I do not think this is necessary to deliver strong results for most small and medium sized businesses. Local businesses are a speciality and I work deliver results as quickly as possible.

You can read customer reviews at the bottom of this page.

SEO Service Framework

A national or local business SEO project generally includes the phases below. Not all phases are necessary for all websites. Smaller businesses may focus on implementing and measuring the effects on an SEO audit. If I’m building your website from scratch, the audit recommendations and page optimisation stages will be included as part of the build.

1 : Site-Wide SEO Audit

A site-wide SEO audit builds a solid foundation for all subsequent work. I will review your website for >100 factors impacting Google ranking including site architecture, internal link structures, on-page issues, schema markup, Google my Business optimisation and much more. I will walk you through a roadmap of detailed, prescriptive recommendations and work with you on the changes.

2: Keyword & Competitor Research


The purpose of keyword research is to home in on the keywords and phrases that are most likely to lead to conversion on your website. I rank keywords by relevance, search volume and competitiveness and identify keywords your competitors have missed. I use tools that allow us to see precisely how your competitors are ranking in the top positions in Google, which keywords they rank for, and the content that is driving conversion. We learn who is linking to your competitors and uncover opportunities to build new connections and links.

3: Website Optimisation

The next step is to optimise your website page by page. We will work through the structure, navigation, content, meta data and speed. We will identify opportunities for new content and test its effectiveness at improving conversion. Videos can be optimised to rank in Youtube and Google for strategic keywords. I use elements of my conversion optimisation framework to improve your website’s efficiency. If a website doesn’t engage visitors, it will not rank in search engines. Any digital marketing consultant worth their salt will be working to drive user engagement metrics and reduce bounce rate.

4: Schema Markup

Example of the Product Reviews schema

Example of the Product Reviews schema

We apply schema ( to your website to give search engines a better understanding of what your website is about. In turn, search engines can provide a better experience for users by including the information we provide within the search results. Schema markup allows us to surface business information, product reviews and media within search results. The types of schema applied will vary depending on your business, but we will always add basic Webpage, Organisation, Local Business, Contact, About and Breadcrumb (for sites with multiple layers of content) markup.

5: Local SEO

Outside of your website we will optimise your business for discovery in your catchment area.


Local SEO is about giving your website the best chance of showing up when customers in our town search for whatever it is you are offering. So if you are a hairdresser, you want your site showing up when people in Reading search ‘Hairdresser near me’ or ‘Hairdressers in Reading’. 

Taking a look at the Google search results you will often see the information displayed in two different ways, 1) A Google Maps box at the top highlighting local businesses and 2) the regular search results. Approximately 1/3 of the clicks go to the top section, so we want to make sure that your business surfaces there.

6: Citation and link Building

To gauge a website’s online authority, Google looks at which other websites link to it. A website receiving links from other high quality, relevant websites is considered more authoritative and prioritised in Google’s search algorithm. One of my jobs as an SEO consultant is to build relevant links to your website from other websites with a high authority. There are many ways to approach link building and I will tailor a strategy for your business model. I am able to build out >100 online citations for your business within 7 days.

7: Measurement and Performance


I will set up and customise Google Analytics and Google Search Console to allowing us to measure the effectiveness of every stage and adapt our strategy. The Goal and Event tacking features within Google Analytics are critical as they allow us to directly tie the improvements we’ve made to new sales or conversion metrics on your website.


SEO projects vary in time and complexity but a full implementation of all phases will typically take 3-6 months and cost between £500 - £3000. The final cost will never come as a surprise. I will give an accurate quote upfront and will discuss any change in the price in advance.

Customer Reviews from Google


Richard provided a level of insight into SEO that we certainly couldn't have done on our own, and this was a great help in defining our site content. In addition he took the time to understand our business, making his work highly relevant.


Richard makes the whole SEO process simple and easy and brings insights you wouldn't get to on your own. Definitely a key person to have on your team.


Richard has transformed our visibility on Google massively, where we now rank on the first page for our most important keywords. He is very results-focussed and we can highly recommend his services to any startup and SME!


Richard is very passionate and knowledgable about what he does. He provides great insight, coupled with a methodical, practical and commercial approach. His services have helped us improve one of our websites significantly. Thanks to his full website review and SEO strategy we were able to increase traffic and conversion on a weekly basis.


I know exactly where my business would be if I didn’t invest in Rich’s expertise. It would be on page 16 of google. But thanks to Rich, we changed that ranking, (what felt like, overnight) to page one. He’s innovative through his approach to growing my business and has mastered attracting the right audience. Having Rich allows me to focus on the creative areas of the business that I really enjoy, and know that my brand is in safe hands with Rich for the ‘techy’ side of things. It’s rare I go a week without a client asking me who does my website and also being complimented on how easy it is to navigate and how professional it looks. That's all thanks to Richard!